Laity Lodge Family Camp has launched a new registration system. We have spent the past year working with CircuiTree on this system because we want to serve our LLFC families to the best of our ability. CircuiTree is a standout leader in camping software and technology.

What does this mean for you?

Now that the new system is live, families can see a new link “My Account” in the top menu. You can log in with your email address. request a new password, and enter your family’s data for upcoming 2019 registration.

What are the immediate benefits to LLFC families?

The new system will be in place for our next round of registrations—for our spring 2019 retreats—taking place this May. Prior to registration, families have the ability to add each adult and child to their account. This will streamline the actual registration process as families will then be able to select each attendee from a drop down menu at the time of registration. The new system will also offer families the option to register for activities, set up automatic payment plans for Family Camp tuition, and make payments for other Foundation programs like Laity Lodge or LLYC.

In addition to the benefits our families will experience right away, we are excited for even more advancements and opportunities that lie ahead. Echoing the sentiments of the H. E. Butt Foundation at large, Cary Hendricks, Sr. Director of LLFC said, “The H. E. Butt Foundation continually seeks ways to better care for our guests and improve on the service and hospitality that guests experience as they participate in our programs. The adoption of the CircuiTree system is another way that we are actively working to better serve our guests. Our registrar, Kate Bachelor, is working hard to learn the system that will offer many options to assist in making the registration, payment and scholarship application process easier. We are excited for our guests to experience the new benefits of the CircuiTree system and we are confident that using this system will allow us to serve and show hospitality to our guests in new ways.