Every family deserves to camp.

Because numerous donors believe Laity Lodge Family Camp has a powerful impact on families, we are fortunate to be able to offer limited scholarship funds to qualifying families. We consider the total family income, past scholarship history, and past camping history when reviewing applications for possible scholarship awards. If additional information is needed regarding any of these areas of consideration, then we will contact you. Please know that if you have applied for scholarship assistance for multiple years, we might not be able to fulfill your request because we want to share the opportunity for many families to experience Laity Lodge Family Camp.

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Register for a session, select "View Itineraries," click your name under the appropriate itinerary, select “Guest Information,” and complete the scholarship application.

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Experiences like this are extremely valuable for families. Partner with us to ensure that campers in need gain access to the life-changing experience that Family Camp provides.

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All quotes below are from grateful families who received a Family Camp scholarship.

“The opportunity to be in and explore the beauty of nature with no distractions (phones, electronic devices, games, etc.) was just what my family needed. We feel closest to God and to each other when we are active together and outside. Unfortunately, the opportunities to do so are fewer and farther between as our kids get older and busier in school and with extra-curricular activities. Our time at LLFC deepened our relationships with each other, reignited our spirits, and opened us up to God’s great love.”

“Thank you!!! Thank you!!! Thank you!!!! I am so glad for the sacrificial love of the scholarship awarded to us so that our family could attend Laity Lodge Family Camp. It is truly humbling to request assistance. The leaders of this camp constantly embrace little children. As a result, I was able to relax and rest in God’s creation. Thank you for having no TV, no screen, no electronic time! Family bonding! Fellowship bonding! Detox from electronics weekend! Just what we needed.”

“A very heartfelt thank you to those who make scholarships available at Laity Lodge Family Camp. It was certainly one of the biggest highlights of our family’s year! We are grateful for opportunities like this where our 4 children (ages ranging from 4-8) can encounter young adults who have an authentic faith and see how their own faith might take shape as they grow older. Probably most significant for them (and us) was a chance to retreat from the tyranny of the urgent. With no cell phone service, no to-do lists, no sports practices, and no agenda, we were truly able to enjoy each other’s company. Camp was a great chance to sit still and hear from God about what our family’s purpose really is, and how we can bring His kingdom to bear in our everyday lives.”

“For one week my family lived life together in an uninterrupted flow. The activities we got to do together, the meal times, swimming in the Frio, walks, talks, porch time, volleyball, throwing the baseball with my son, shooting shotguns, fishing, etc., it was all done together. No devices. No trying to hurry to a meeting. We weren’t fitting family time in. We just fit as a family for an entire week. For this, I can never thank you enough. It is only in the canyon, as I have done since I was ten years old, that I find room to breathe, restore and hear the voice of God in such a unique way.”

“You may never fully understand the importance of that scholarship, but our family will never forget. Two years in a row you have been part of the Lord doing life-altering work in our home. Laity Lodge Family Camp had a hand in possibly saving my marriage as well as helping our family get back on track. During our time at camp, the Lord met me in His loving and gracious way and convicted me in some crucial areas of my life. Had I not accepted His help and change, I would have headed down a very scary and destructive path. My husband and I are both so very grateful for what Laity Lodge does to help so many families—it gave us the opportunity for the Lord to do a miracle.”

“Ok so this time was extra special! It was such a God thing. We had an amazing time regrouping as a family and really enjoyed each other! We also met so many wonderful people. I was not planning on this, but was completely led by the Holy Spirit to share my personal story and struggles with many of them. I am so happy I did. People were so grateful and inspired. It was truly a great experience.”

“It is truly a reset for our family to be together at LLFC and connect not only with one another, but with other families who are also ‘resetting’ that week. We have made friends, and our kids have made friends with others who share our faith and whose values reflect those we are trying to instill within our kids.”

“Thank you for not only embracing my family with love, but for allowing us to become closer to God and to each other. The last six months have been extremely difficult for us, but being here these past couple of days has allowed us to see that God is still with us every step of the way.”

“Laity Lodge Family Camp was an amazing experience for my family. My children had opportunities to enjoy their innocence and youth in the beauty of God’s wonderful creation against the backdrop of the phenomenal view of the Canyon. They played, laughed, met new friends, explored and grew in their personal confidence as people. They left refreshed, invigorated, encouraged and just excited about life and our lives as a family.”