LLFC…A place to gather and consider the tough questions of life.


Something about the Canyon often gets families thinking deeply about what matters most in life.

The “Rich Young Man” in Matthew 19:16-22 seems to be thinking about what matters most when he asks Jesus, “What good thing must I do to enter eternal life?” Jesus says to follow the 10 Commandments. The rich young man had built a life following these commandments but he still doesn’t seem content. I often wonder what is behind the rich young man’s discontent. Is he worried he’ll lose what he has? Is he worried about hell specifically? Is he just ambitious and considering that if he’s built all his wealth in life then how can he build wealth for all eternity?

Jesus, of course, understood what was behind the question. Jesus got to the heart of the issue when he instructed the rich young man to let go of all that he was holding tightly and choose to follow him with all that he has.

The ending of this short encounter between Jesus and the rich young man does not offer a “happily ever after” outcome. Instead, the rich young man simply walks away sad.

In many ways, at the age of 43 in the middle of my life, I feel as if I am daily having the same encounter with Jesus that the rich young man experienced. Will I hold too tightly to those things that give security and walk away sad, or will I relinquish the contents of my life to Jesus and follow him with all I have? It’s good and normal to ask these difficult questions of ourselves. 

Thankfully, Laity Lodge Family Camp is a place where these difficult questions, and many others, seem to come to the surface. It’s a place where people often find Jesus waiting to process this question and so many others with friends, staff and the simple beauty all around them.

Questions to consider:

  • If you were the rich young man who encountered Jesus, what would Jesus instruct you to let go of in order to follow him more fully?