What unique times of uncertainty we are currently living in. This spring we cancelled three Laity Lodge Family Camp retreats due to the health crisis brought on by COVID-19, and we pray that everyone is staying safe at home. Please let us know if you would like us to pray for you in more specific ways.

We hope that someday soon we will be able to pray together in person at camp. Retreats that provide wholeness for your family is what we do. There are many things to mourn in our world right now, and we have to admit that our staff is mourning the cancellations of your retreats and your time in the Frio Canyon.

However, we are also well aware that the connection and refreshment that happens in the lives of families at Laity Lodge Family Camp is not some type of mysterious magic. Instead, it is the result of intentional time of slowing down, listening to one another, enjoying the greatness of simple things that draw us together.

In many ways, during these uncertain times, intentional times of slowing down and enjoying the simple things are even more prevalent than usual.

Recently, our friend Jonny May and his family made a great video (above) in which he describes how they are bringing the intentionality they experience at LLFC to bear on their lives during these uncertain times. Jonny is a therapist who has a long history with us and serves during the summer as one of our family therapists.

We are sad to miss so many families this spring, but we look forward to seeing you again soon, driving in the river on your way to Headwaters. Until then, slow down, listen and enjoy the greatness of the simple things.