Do you love people?

Do you love working with adults & kids, parents & grandparents?

If so, consider working at Laity Lodge Family Camp! You will find a great community of friends among the staff at LLFC, where more than 50% of our seasonal staff return each year to work with us either on weekends or during the summer. Come help us create a space for families to engage with one another and connect with God in significant ways!

Learn more about how to apply below.


Family Camp Weekend Staff

Due to the continuing effects of the COVID-19 pandemic, we have decided to cancel Laity Lodge Family Camp retreats through the end of the year. Please check back with us in January to apply for Spring 2021 and read on for glimpse into our weekend hiring process.

Application & Hiring Process

Once you have completed and submitted your application, you will receive a text two weeks prior to each session, typically Thursday or Friday, to confirm your availability to work. Please check your calendar prior to responding.

  • Stating your availability does not guarantee you will be placed on the roster.
  • Stating your availability means you are able to arrive by 4 p.m. on opening day and stay until noon on closing day.
  • Concerns regarding arrival or departure times must be discussed at least two weeks prior to each session.

You will be contacted via email one week prior to each session, typically Thursday or Friday, to confirm your hire status. If you are new to LLFC or have not worked with LLFC or LLYC in the past twelve months, you will be required to complete onboarding documents prior to reporting to work.

If you have not previously worked with us, once you have completed the application, a director will contact you.


Family Camp Summer Staff

We are excited to work with you, please check back with us this fall to apply for Summer 2021.

Family Camp Internship

Are you passionate about helping young leaders envision their entire lives as a response to God’s calling, and work toward the renewal of society? The Family Camp Internship aims to provide recent graduates with a holistic experience that encourages them to bring their faith to bear on all areas of their life. This program will equip young leaders to discern and pursue their vocation from the perspective of faith and to engage strategically the culture of the 21st century.

As part of the internship, you will:

  • Facilitate weekend Family Camp Programs
  • Assist directors in the discipleship and nurturing of seasonal staff
  • Help recruit new staff members by travelling to various universities and colleges
  • Join in the brainstorming, preparations, and planning for summer week-long camps.
  • Participate in great personal and professional development!


  • High School diploma required; bachelor’s degree preferred
  • Experience which supports the ability to participate in a leadership development
  • Experience in camping program leadership preferred.

For more information, visit the Foundation jobs page and look for the Internship positions. Internship applications are accepted after November 1.

You may also be interested in the Outdoor School Internship, Communications Internship, or the Youth Camp Internship as well.


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