Dear Families

The fall is in full swing. No doubt that means our family schedules have intensified. School (either “in person” or “virtual”) is underway, sports practices (while “social distancing”?) are happening and so much more. In the midst of everything, we hope your family still has time to slow down and recognize the goodness God provides.

If we had been together at Laity Lodge Family Camp this past summer, we would have enjoyed a beautiful concert on Wednesday night offered by Jenny and Tyler Somers. Jenny and Tyler are a very talented couple and great friends of LLFC.

We asked Jenny and Tyler to record a short “in home” concert for you since we couldn’t be together. Consider it a Tiny Roundup. We hope you enjoy it.

You can find more of Jenny & Tyler’s music here.


Cary Hendricks
Senior Director, Laity Lodge Family Camp

Tell us what you think!

Did your family watch or listen to the Tiny Roundup together? Maybe while you were preparing dinner or doing dishes. Maybe sitting together on the couch. Maybe as a podcast while you were driving. Maybe you organized your own Roundup game of Chug and Crush. We want to hear all about your Tiny Roundup experience.

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