Dear Families,

We are so disappointed not to host your family at Laity Lodge Family Camp this fall.

On the first night of every weekend retreat I welcome families to LLFC, and I always encourage families to enjoy the “space” of LLFC, to connect with God and engage with one another in significant ways. At every retreat we have a schedule and activities to help in that process, but we also make sure that families know that the pressure is off. We don’t want anyone to feel pressure to attend to our agenda.

Instead, guests enjoy the space, take long walks, nap, read a book, and simply spend time together.

LLFC Team, Fall 2020

We hope that this DIY LLFC Retreat experience offers your family the same freedom to create space in your own home. In this box, we have a few ideas for how you can create your own retreat experience. It’s not the same as being in the Frio Canyon, of course, but we hope it gives you a taste.

Here’s how it works:
— Refer to the schedule for what is offered both in this box and online.
— Use what might be helpful to you and don’t use what isn’t.
— Go at your own pace and just enjoy the space.
— Most of all, have fun!

We hope to see you at an LLFC weekend retreat soon.


Cary Hendricks
Senior Director, Laity Lodge Family Camp

Want a copy of the DIY Retreat schedule? Click here!

Let's get started!

You’re welcome to scroll the page and explore on your own, or use the links below to jump to specific sections.

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DIY Retreat Video Playlist

All videos in one playlist. Click the button in the top right corner of the video to see all.



Join us for a program skit/game + tune in for a talk from Cary.

Night One

Night Two


Check out the adult audio devotionals and kid’s devotionals (video + questions to consider) by clicking the buttons below.

Adult Audio Kids Devo

 Adult Devotionals

 Kid’s Devotionals

Ages 8 & under

Is your child below the age of eight? These videos are for you + your child to enjoy viewing and discussing.

“A New Beginning" — The Jesus Storybook Bible
“He’s Here” – The Jesus Storybook Bible

Ages 8 & up

Is your child between the ages of 8-17? Take some time to check out these videos and questions together.

Word Study: Gospel – The Bible Project
Word Study: Witness – The Bible Project



See Weaving Craft supplies enclosed and watch our how-to video with Rachel below.

See Bead Craft supplies enclosed to create your own bracelets or necklaces.

See Slingshot supplies enclosed—LLFC is not responsible for any damages 😉


Click a recipe below to download and print at home.



Tell us what you thought!

Did your family go through the retreat in one day? Did you do the weaving craft? How did create space in your home? We want to hear all about your DIY Retreat.

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