We regret to announce that regularly scheduled summer retreats and day use have been cancelled this year.

On July 7, we sent a message to all families who were registered for our Day Use Program this summer. We are sharing it here so everyone knows how things are developing at LLFC. The whiplash of COVID-19 has been tough, but know that we’re excited to host all of you as soon as we can, and we’re praying for you in the meantime.

Dear Families,
Last week, Governor Greg Abbott updated his Disaster Proclamation, and the new guidelines prohibit most gatherings of more than 10 people. In order to adhere to these guidelines, we have decided to cancel the LLFC Day Use Program.

Throughout the past four months, we have worked hard to formulate a way in which families could enjoy the space of the Frio Canyon to engage with one another and connect with God in significant ways. We are disappointed that this will not happen during the summer of 2020. We are hopeful that it will happen soon. In the meantime, we are confident that following health and safety protocols carefully is in keeping with our mission of cultivating wholeness for all the communities we serve.

If you have already registered for the LLFC Day Use Program, you will automatically receive a full refund of your registration expenses. It will take some time to get all refunds processed, but we will work as quickly as possible.

We hope that your families are safe and healthy, and we so look forward to seeing you at camp before too long.

Cary Hendricks

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Details for Families

Has Family Camp been cancelled for this summer?
Can I get a refund?
What do I need to do to get our refund?
How will this affect registration for 2021?
Will we be able to get reimbursement for travel expenses?
What will happen to scholarships?
Can I donate to the scholarship fund?
Why are you cancelling regularly scheduled LLFC summer sessions?
How long will Family Camp stay closed?
Is there anything we can do?

Details for Summer Staff

Do I still have a job with LLFC this summer?
What will my job be if we’re not having camp?
How many hours will I be working?
Will I be paid less this summer if I’m not working as many hours?
Will I be paid for the time I was planning to be at camp for certifications and/or Work and Staff Week?
How and when will I receive my paycheck?
What do I need to do if I want to continue as summer staff this year?
What if I don’t want to work at Laity Lodge Family Camp this summer? I wanted to be in camp, not do a job remotely.
What if I have another job opportunity now or a job opportunity comes up in a few weeks that’s better for me?
What if I decide to attend summer school since I can’t be at camp? Can I do both, work for you remotely while taking classes online?