Questions about protocols? Read our updated COVID-19 FAQ.

Our goal is to continue bringing people together. Our protocols—including vaccination proof, testing, and masking indoors—are created in accordance with public health guidelines and in consultation with doctors and infectious disease specialists. We will adjust these guidelines as the situation changes.

Remember: Gatherings of any kind carry innate risk, especially for immunocompromised individuals. If you are experiencing any respiratory symptoms that are unusual for you, you should not attend camp.

Why are you requiring vaccinations?
Why are you requiring vaccinations and a negative test result for LLFC?
What about family members who cannot be vaccinated, either due to their age or medical concerns?
What if I’ve only had one shot of a two-dose vaccine?
How much time has to pass after my vaccination shot in order for me to be cleared to come to camp?
When do I need to get tested?
Where do I find tests?
What kind of test do I need to get?
Do my kids also need to be tested?
Do I need to get tested if I have already had COVID-19?
If we are vaccinated and have tested negative, why do we need to wear masks indoors?
Where does the H. E. Butt Foundation get its information about COVID-19?
Have you had any COVID-19 outbreaks in the Canyon?
What are your COVID-19 requirements for your staff?
How clean are your facilities?
How do you deep clean?
What if we choose not to participate in these protocols and need to cancel our retreat registration?


Reach out to the Family Camp registrar.

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