October 18, 2018

Jonny May Comes Full Circle in the Canyon

  Jonny May candidly admits he was “an idiot high schooler sent to work on LLYC Program Crew” in 1997 after making a poor decision involving underage drinking, tobacco, and a well-known big box “superstore.” Recently, Laity Lodge Family Camp talked with him about his relationship to camp, and he explained, “God used that [first] summer (and camp) to grab my heart for the first time. I would count it as one of the most […]
March 13, 2018

LLFC is Launching a New Registration System

Laity Lodge Family Camp has launched a new registration system. We have spent the past year working with CircuiTree on this system because we want to serve our LLFC families to the best of our ability. CircuiTree is a standout leader in camping software and technology. What does this mean for you? Now that the new system is live, families can see a new link “My Account” in the top menu. You can log in […]
January 4, 2018

LLFC Partners with YoungLives – Kelsie Wessels, Asst. Director of Programming

At Laity Lodge Family Camp, we pray, desire, hope, and plan for our guests to experience wholeness and transformation–from individuals to families. In our final Fall retreat, LLFC partnered with YoungLives to put on a weekend camp experience with this goal for teen moms and their babies. What a beautiful sight to see! What a joyful noise was raised! At each LLFC retreat, people roll into the Canyon, and weight rolls off their back. This […]
December 6, 2017

The Origin of Advent – Cary Hendricks, Senior Director of LLFC

For most of us this time of year is spent being very busy with Christmas parties, shopping, decorating, preparing for guests, traveling, studying for exams and countless other holiday rituals. In the midst of these usual rituals we often forget about Advent. The Christian Church Year identifies the season of Advent as taking place from December 3rd through December 24th.
October 12, 2017

After More than Two Decades in Prison, He Finds Hope in God

This fall Cary Hendricks and his new friend Shawn Perez enjoyed a meal around the table at Laity Lodge Family Camp. As the two talked, Shawn opened up about his story—the jaggedness of his past and the source of genuine hope for a future. Shawn, along with his wife April and youngest son Daniel, came to Family Camp for the first time by way of the House of Faith/LLFC Parenting University partnership. He admitted he […]
September 6, 2017

How is LLFC Partnering with San Angelo’s House of Faith to Further Its Mission beyond the Canyon Walls?

“God created family. He loves family,” says LLFC Sr. Director Cary Hendricks. “And we continually look for ways to go deeper in LLFC’s mission because we recognize the tremendous value of healthy and connected families. One of the most powerful ways we have found to do this is through identifying and partnering alongside organizations with whom we have relationship—organizations who are boots on the ground within various communities. Organizations who are already actively doing the […]
July 17, 2017

Discovering a New Sense of Freedom in the Canyon – Cary Hendricks, Senior Director of LLFC

During one camp session this summer, I ate with a family attending LLFC for the first time. Their two teenage girls loved the fishing, slip n’ slides, and zip lines. Meanwhile the parents were struck by a new sense of freedom. On that hot summer afternoon, they shared how Family Camp helped them experience true freedom in their journey with Jesus. Rather than obligation and duty, they discovered real joy, laughter, and fun. They had […]
June 25, 2017

A Heart for Laity Lodge – Kristen Patton

If I close my eyes, I can hear the sounds of the Canyon. I hear my tires turning onto the caliche road, crunching and spitting dust in the slow and steep descent down into camp. I hear the swish of the Frio River as I drive into it, the creaks and thuds of the car as we bump along the limestone riverbed and the echoes from the canyon walls. I can hear the voices of […]
April 26, 2017

Can Our Need to Perform Hinder Our Availability? – Cary Hendricks, Senior Director of LLFC

Time moves so quickly when life is full of activity. We hustle to work. We get kids to school and various practices and rehearsals. Weekends fill quickly with soccer games, basketball tournaments, and so much more. All of these activities are fun and exciting, but I wonder what effect that busyness and the need to perform have on our spiritual lives. Throughout Scripture, people reveal their human desire to perform. In Matthew 17:14-21 Jesus encounters […]
January 24, 2017

What Does Liturgy Have to Do with Our Families? – Cary Hendricks, Senior Director of LLFC

I grew up a pastor’s son in a main line, traditional style church setting. My church observed the church calendar that designated specific numbers of weeks for Advent, Lent, Epiphany and what is known as Ordinary Time. Each Sunday morning worship service was marked by liturgical practices that embedded themselves in my memory and became a source of comfort for me over the years. I was not always sure of what I was reading aloud […]